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I get this error on everything I load?

first post: simonjohnroberts wrote: There was a mismatch between the processor architecture of the proj...

latest post: arrontow wrote: I get the same error message.

Model not responding according to GUI.

first post: kirru wrote: I created a 3D model with bones in Blender 2.69 and exported as fb...

latest post: kirru wrote: My model dose not have texture and material, so may be that's the p...

Installation problems

first post: gpskater wrote: Problem fixed

answered by: gpskater wrote: Problem fixed

how to use event when mouse leave on model

first post: tryzero wrote: get point x y when mouse leave on model

latest post: cbowen wrote: I'm not sure what you are asking. Are you wanting to modify the cod...

Clear model from ModelViewerControl

first post: wachirawit wrote: Hi. After loaded model. How to clear model from modelViewerControl ?

latest post: cbowen wrote: Select the model in the pane on the left, then hit the delete button.

Load Content

first post: budkang wrote: Hello. How can I load fbx file on form loading... Not select f...

latest post: cbowen wrote: I don't have an option right now to load automatically when the pro...

Model Viewer

first post: vantubbe wrote: This thing is awesome! I wish I found this months ago. Working wi...

Import model

first post: pospik wrote: Hi! I found your app, and I like it, it looks really very good ;) ...

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